WATCH: Andre De Grasse Might Be The Newest Fastest Man In The World

Morgan Campbell is one of my really good friends. He also happens to reside in Canada.

You see, Morgan has a tendency to keep me abreast of things that I can't always keep track of. For example, Morgan likes to tell me about folks in track and field that I've never heard of and tell me how great they are. I love track and field and his bits of information that he shares makes me look smarter than I actually am, and I appreciate that. Also, he lives in Canada, and he likes to tell me about all of the magical things that takes place in the land up north. I like Canada and I plan to go one day.

Anyway, I can remember reading something that Morgan wrote talking about a kid I'd never heard of named Trayvon Bromell from Baylor. Evidently, that boy can run. I also remember him telling me about a kid from Markham, Ontario named Andre De Grasse. Evidently, that boy can also run. Then this happened.

In less than one hour, DeGrasse won the 100 meters in 9.75 seconds and the 200 in 19.58 seconds. His 200 time was the fastest ever by a collegiate runner of all-time.

Unfortunately, there's this thing called wind-aid, which means that the times run by De Grasse don't end up counting in the record books. However, we're pretty sure that we'll be seeing De Grasse in the 2016 Olympics in Rio representing for Canada. Good luck to the rest of the field.

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