Are We Allowed To Call Harrison Barnes 'The Black Falcon' Now?

For the first time on Tuesday evening, I felt totally okay referring to Harrison Barnes as "The Black Falcon." For what seemed totally preposterous when I first heard him refer to himself as such an audacious nickname, tonight seemed fitting. Not that I'd actually know a black falcon if one pecked at me with its beak (which in that case I'd try to ring its neck with my bare hands and show him or her who's boss, because I'm an equal opportunity possible black falcon killer, but not a killer of Harrison Barnes though...okay this is getting weird) but I digress. Two things seemed relevant after watching Barnes and the Golden State Warriors put up 131 points on the Enver Nuggets in Game 2 of the NBA playoffs:

ONE: The Warriors three-guard lineup with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Jarrett Jack produced awesome results, and with Harrison Barnes at the four, the Dubs were seemingly able to play small ball better than the small ball kings that are the Nuggets. The additional space and opportunity given to Barnes produced 24 points and 6 rebounds, along with the play that will now allow me to call that man an egregious nickname like "The Black Falcon."

TWO: Kent Bazemore and #DRAYMOND Green are officially ranked No. 1 in the post-tremendous play celebrations from the bench power rankings. This was just awesome and we need more of this, asaptually.

What's clear now is that the Dubs and the Nuggs are probably going to be the only teams to give us a playoff series worth a damn as the home teams have been cleaning house with their opposition thus far. Hopefully George Karl figures out how to keep Javale McGee in the lineup more, because 14 minutes in game 2 ain't gonna cut it. Hopefully Stephen Curry's ankles won't make me think that they're really made of balsam wood, pixie dust and baby poop, because we (America) needs him in the playoffs. Hopefully the two teams wearing blue and gold will continue to give us entertaining as hell basketball, because I'm not sure we'll get it anywhere else.

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