Audio: Chopping It Up with Grantland's Jonah Keri

Ever since I came across the work of Jonah Keri, now with ESPN's Grantland, it always felt like he was breaking down complex thoughts in my mind into a much simpler form. So when I had the chance to talk with him about the ramifications of the NBA lockout and how it compared to MLB's labor negotiations, I felt like clarity had once again come into my life.

Jonah and I have a discussion about the future landing spots of free agent Albert Pujols, plus we go into detail about what could happen with the 2011-12 NBA season with just 66 games, or if the NBA started the season on Christmas. How will the season affect older teams like the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers? What about the effect of continuity on a team (think Green Bay last year, Dallas Mavericks this year) and who could win the NBA title in 2012.

Plus, we talk about the future of writing and bloggers and the impact they're making on the sports landscape. Good stuff.

Listen. Share. Discuss. (There are some sound issues for the first five minutes, smooth sailing afterwards.)


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