BBSketch Paints The Perfect Picture Of Patrick Ewing & The Ewing Center Hi

patrick ewing 1985 nba draft

It's not a fair thing to say, but it's the absolute truth. Patrick Ewing will always go down as one of the most underappreciated athletes of his generation. During his time at Georgetown, the man dominated everything that was college basketball in the early 80's, but many people will remember his time in The District for losing to UNC in 1982 NCAA Final and to Villanova in the 1985 Final. During his time with the New York Knicks, there were few players who were as consistent and as intimidating as Ewing, but many people will remember his time in the Big Apple for falling short versus Chicago and Indiana, and something called The Ewing Theory.

You know what else is forever underappreciated from Patrick Ewing? His contribution to the sneaker game. Let it be known that Ewing was the first athlete to have his own independent signature sneaker collection and that it was actually quite successful. The blends of orange, blue, white, grey and black colorways that hit in the early 90's were coveted by everyone from kids to grown men. Who said a big man can't sell shoes? Patrick Ewing definitely could.

The homie BBSketch is back showing off his artwork and oratorical prowess, as he takes a look back into the legacy of Patrick Ewing as well as Ewing Athletics brand and the Ewing Center Hi sneaker release. (Big ups to the director Esteban Serrano and the musical producer Dilemma) Be sure to cop more of BBSketch's prints over at and show your support for the grind! #Respect

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