Chan-Lo Kicks Off Season 2 Of Chicks N' Kicks By Featuring Tinashe And The Air Jordan 11 “Gamma”


Our blogger sister-in-crime Channing has done some awesome stuff over at here own corner of the internet at She's consistent in a way that reminds me of how I used to blog when I was a young whippersnapper in the game, actually she's better than me. The woman will post 2-5 pieces a day on the latest in greatest in the hip-hop, entertainment, sports and sneaker culture game and I always try to spend five minutes perusing the latest and greatest over there.

If you've been reading TSFJ for awhile, then you'll remember when we highlighted Channing's Chicks N' Kicks project around this time a year ago. The project highlights talented women emerging from across the country who just so happen to have a sincere appreciation for sneakers, and as man who likes looking at reading up on smart women about that sneaker life, that's pretty dope.

Channing's premier episode for season two of Chicks N' Kicks features LA-based recording artist Tinashe, who might be wearing the smallest pair of Air Jordan 11 "Gammas" I've ever seen in my life. Check out the video for more on Tinashe and the Gamma 11's, and a tip of the cap to my blogging sister for seeing her project idea out from start to finish.

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