Dear God, What In The World Was Cody Zeller Thinking?

Charlotte Bobcats v Cleveland Cavaliers

God bless Cardboard Gerald for all of his hard work and dedication.

His given name is Ben Swanson, and he truly is one of the finer young journalists in the basketball blogosphere, but I only really know this man for his blogging exploits in covering the Charlotte Hornets Bobcats under the name Cardboard Gerald. So here it is, on a day full of recovery on the first day of 2014, and CG decided to bless the world with this amazing Vine of Cody Zeller.

A couple of things quickly:

ONE: What in the hell type of music is this man listening to?

TWO: It took me about 12 times watching this to realize that Cody Zeller was about to dunk on Blake Griffin, which would've been kinda ironic. It took me another 9 times to realize that this man tried to dunk from the dotted line. It took me another 37 times to not bust out laughing at the sight of Cody Zeller missing this dunk.

THREE: The bench reaction. Good God, I mean....they were ready to feel some type of way for Zeller if he made that dunk. Then, as soon as the man missed the dunk, everyone went back into Charlotte Bobcat chill mode. Hilarious.

UPDATE: Here's a YouTube video without the egregious music going on in the background. Better quality, still hilarious.

I applaud the ambitious effort of Zeller on that dunk, if he would've made it I probably would've had to obituary Blake Griffin as a result. Instead, Zeller gave us our first epic fail of 2014. Amen.

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