TaQuon Marshall Went Supermarket Sweep On Our College Football's Statistical Leaderboard

You're going to be inundated with poll updates and rankings every week until December on who is ranked No. 1 in the country.

That’s cool, because it’s not hard to look at the rankings and get frustrated that your team is either too low, or that your conference is trash, or that you play Alabama next week.

However here at TSFJ, we believe that we should celebrate anyone who ends up No. 1 in their respective field, be it in the Associated Press or in the college football sportsbook. So we're going to highlight the statistical leaders from across the country who are at the top of the mountain after each week. Some will be glad to be at the top, others...not so much. Let's get started.

No. 1 in Rushing Touchdowns: TaQuon Marshall, Georgia Tech - 5

If the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are on television, I will stop what I'm doing to watch them. I'll also do the same thing anytime the Navy Midshipmen are on my screen. Why? Because the triple-option is intoxicating to watch, and TaQuon Marshall ran through the Tennessee Volunteers offense like I would if I was trying to win Supermarket Sweep. The end result? 256 rushing yards and a quarterback leading college football with five touchdowns. Even in defeat, Marshall won my heart.

No. 1 in Passing Interceptions: Jake Luton, Oregon State - 4

We know that it can be confusing with this past weekend being considered "Week 1" in college football while also knowing that there was a weekend of football played before it. For Oregon State, that means that they've already played two games (1-1 thus far) and that their quarterback has had a chance to slang the pill more than most. The net result? More interceptions thrown (4) than touchdown passes (3). Sorry Jake.

No. 1 in Passing Completion Percentage: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma - 95%

Was it against a non-Power 5 team? Yes. Were any of the throws particular tough? For the most part, no. Does it matter? Nope. When you complete 95% of anything, you deserve applause. Now let's just see how Baker Mayfield's completion percentage looks next week after facing Ohio State.

No. 1 in Passes Defended: Denzel Ward, Ohio State - 5

One person who will do everything in his power to lower Mayfield's completion percentage is Ward, who is tasked to be the next man up in holding down the legacy of great Ohio State defensive backs. Indiana's passing attack is really good, and Ward was up to the challenge to net a league-leading five pass breakups.

No. 1 in Interception Return Yards: Joe Ferguson, Wisconsin - 99

If you ever were curious to know what a 99-yard wind sprint looked like, here's Joe Ferguson doing his best vs. Utah State. I bet he was really tired after all of this.


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