Starting Lineups: Derrick Rose Discusses Training With Kevin Durant And Kevin Love, Plus The adidas D Rose 4

Basketball season can't get here soon enough. There are a variety of reasons why the last couple of days in October are circled on my calendar. The NBA season will start back up, hopes and dreams will re-emerge from the abyss and our favorite stars will come back into our lives. I can't wait.

One of those stars in particular is Derrick Rose, and as the man who's knee was torn into shreds tries to comeback into form, one must remember that this is also the only man other than LeBron James to win the league's Most Valuable Player award since Barack Obama has been installed as President of the United States. D-Rose's decision to wait until 2013-14 to play instead of rushing back for a 2013 playoff run felt like a lost gamble for some, as many fans turned on the homegrown kid. However, this is now his chance to re-introduce himself to the world as one of the league's best players.

Oh, and he's got a new shoe too. The adidas D Rose 4.

Sean Sweeney of Dime Magazine was able to chat with Rose for a few minutes, and the two discussed everything from his comeback to the Chicago Bulls to his training sessions with Kevin Love and Kevin Durant:

DIME: The ad that adidas just put out where you’re saying things like “I can still do this” and “I’m all in for Chicago.” You mentioned that was the most authentic commercial you’ve done so far. Why?

Derrick Rose: You’re just showing your fans with all of the support… just not wanting to let them down. I know that a lot of people are talking about me. There’s been a lot of criticism about me, about me playing, people are suggesting what type of player I’m gonna be, already assuming what type of player I’m gonna be. Well how do they know if I don’t know yet? It’s kinda crazy hearing that but at the same time, it drives me as a player, and it drives me as a person to not be like them people, not to be so judgmental.

DIME: You’ve been working out with people like Kevin Love and Kevin Durant and yet you’re saying you’re not sure how you will stack up to other players with all of your added muscle. Have you been comparing how you’re looking against them?

Rose: I wouldn’t say that. I think we’re all competing when we train together. We push each other because you can just see how the workout goes. Rob (McClanaghan) actually said something after the first workout when me, Kevin Love and KD was actually working out. The first time we worked out together was in L.A. and he was just saying how when we’re tired, the other person will push the other person just seeing how hard they’re going so as a basketball player, I think you need that. I need that, especially coming back from an injury and just getting back to playing basketball where I know I’m gonna be good but just practicing with them guys and just playing with them, I think it’s gonna help my game a lot.

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