VIDEO: Ethan Strauss And Eddie Maisonet Talk Sneakers And NBA Superstars On ESPN's Truehoop TV


Ethan called me a "sneaker expert." That alone, is enough of a reason for anyone to watch this Truehoop TV video of yours truly and ESPN NBA columnist Ethan Strauss talking about superstars and the choices they make with sneaker brands.

We here at TSFJ have covered the Kevin Durant saga as he chose The Swoosh over Under Armour a few weeks ago, and I'm going to take some credit for our site in stating that TSFJ pushed this conversation into a deeper place. The fact of the matter is, sneakers matter, both to fans and the athletes who wear them. Basketball shoes are not only a functional piece of anyone playing basketball, but they push marketing campaigns and the culture that revolves around the game they support.

I was fortunate enough to record this interview a few days ago, and big thanks to ESPN and Truehoop TV for giving me a chance to share my opinions on the matter. Oh, and if you forgot, it's always a Size 13. Always.

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