First Look: Odell Beckham Jr.'s Customized Nike Vapor Untouchable Cleats

The third year of Odell Beckham's tenure in the NFL is almost over, and although I'm not a fan of the New York Giants, I want to keep seeing #13 play football.

There isn't a more exciting player in the league than Beckham, and his game was nurtured back home in his home state of Louisiana. While some were initially exposed to OBJ while at LSU, his talents began taking shape at New Orleans’ Isidore Newman School. (You know, the place where those guys named "Manning" went? Yeah, there.)

As the Giants prepare for two important road games to determine their playoff fate, Nike decided to make sure he's always got a "home field advantage" when he steps onto the field.

"We really only have one tradition. Right as you go on the field, on the left, there's a small podium with a statue of longtime head coach Tony Reginelli. When we go out, we always touch ‘Reg’. We touch what got us there." -- Newman head coach, Nelson Stewart

Beckham will wear a custom-made Nike Vapor Untouchable cleat that features grass from Reginelli Way — hand-cut by Coach Stewart — along with other team-specific embellishments, crafted at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon inside the Builder Lab.


If you notice on the cleats, there's an embellishment that reads "Merry Beckmas". While I could wish for plenty of things under the Christmas tree this year, I'd also take an electric 80-yard wind sprint touchdown through 11 defenders that ended with a re-creation of the dance sequence from Michael Jackson's "Bad" in the end zone from the Giants wideout.

From the Builder Lab in Beaverton, here's how OBJ's "Home Field Advantage" Nike Vapor Untouchable was made.

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