The Prayer List: Jason Terry And Joakim Noah Need Your Well Wishes

lebron james dunks on jason terry

Ed's Note: There are times when dunks, crossovers, insane tackles and other things that can cause extreme embarrassment to players and raucous laughter amongst the consumers of live sports, yet don't meet the (singular, as in mine, and mine only) criteria of what should be an obituary post. Therefore, I figured I'd try something new. We'll call this the prayer list, and for those that have survived a traumatic event, but still need our prayers and well wishes, then we can grieve for them here. Enjoy.

The JET Has Not Cleared For Takeoff

"It looks like he jumped out of the mezzanine to get this ball." -- Hubie Brown

Well said Bro. Hubie, well said.

It's interesting though, as when this dunk happened I was not immediately barraged with requests to give Jason Terry an obituary, and when when I finally got around to seeing this dunk for myself I was not compelled to do so either. I don't know, maybe it was the cold, dead look on Bron's face, or maybe it was just the haphazardness of the play, or maybe I'm still grieving Brandon Knight. Who knows. All I know is, this dunk wasn't obit worthy, I'm sorry.

JaVale McGee Is Here For The People

As for JaVale McGee. Well … I think McGee's ascension to the top of the "no matter what he does on the court, I still love this guy and want him on my team" power rankings is something that can't be denied. JaVale McGee was put on this earth to please us. To dunk on people with regularly, to block opponents shots into the fifth row, to randomly do something that Shaquille O'Neal will invariably highlight on "Shaqtin' A Fool" to just being himself. I love JaVale McGee, and you should too.

As for Joakim Noah ... well, foul the man or get the hell out the way bro. Good grief.

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