Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers

You Gotta Pray For Dr. J, Auctions Memorabilia for $3.5 Million

Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers
Personally, I've always found it hard to see the people I revere most fall on hard times. They are legends in my mind and, heaven forbid, I see them fall on hard times like any other human being on earth. Like kids my age would lower the rim to try to soar like MJ on basketball goals, old men in their heyday would try to do the same for Dr. J. Now, the only thing Erving needs is his bills lowered.

Former New York Nets and Philadelphia 76ers star, Julius Erving, pulled in a record $3.5 million for 144 items from his personal collection of memorabilia. The auction occurred following reports that Doc was broke and took out a $1 million loan. Although he was able to pay back a majority of the loan, he still owes more than $200,000. Here are a few of the items that Erving had auctioned:

  • Erving’s 1974 New York Nets ABA championship ring netted $460,471, a record for a sports ring.
  • His 1983 76ers championship ring: $244,240.
  • His 1983 All-Star game MVP trophy: $115,242.
  • The jersey he wore in his final NBA game, a Game 5 loss to Milwaukee in the first round of the 1987 playoffs: $88,826.
  • Sixers reversible practice jersey: $5,522.
  • 1978 All-Star ring: $238,853.
  • Game ball used to score his 25,000th career point: $92,086.
  • His graduation tassel from the University of Massachusetts: $640.
  • His 1968 class ring from Roosevelt (N.Y.) High: $35,801.
  • Basketball signed by 14 members of the Sixers 1983 championship team: $11,262.
  • His playbook from the 1976-77 season: $16,980.

Along with Dr. J's priceless collection, a few other cool items hit the market and sold during SCP Auctions' November auction. Including:

  • A game-worn Ted Williams Boston Red Sox road jersey: $77,820.
  • The bat Lou Gehrig used to hit his last home run in a Yankees uniform: $403,664.
  • The trunks Muhammad Ali wore in his loss to Joe Frazier in the “Fight of the Century” at Madison Square Garden in March 1971: $173,102.
  • Sneakers worn by Bulls Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman during the 1996 NBA Finals against Seattle: $2,257.
  • A $35 check signed by the late Mickey Cochrane, who starred for the Philadelphia A’s, from 1925-33: $238. Mickey signed his full name: Gordon S. Cochrane.

Dr. J told the AP last month he planned to donate a portion of the auction proceeds to the Salvation Army. Hey Doc, let me hold $20...please?

Full Story: Philly.com

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