Kevin Durant Is About That Life, Puts Up All-Star Spot If Anyone Beats Him In One-On-One

There's always plenty of buzz when it comes to making the NBA All-Star team. Usually, the starting lineups are of no issue, because it's what the fans want. Even if they we are stupid for voting in Kobe Bryant as a starter, so be it. When it comes to the reserves, things get a bit more nit-picky, as there's plenty of deserving candidates, but only 14 roster spots available.

One of those nit-picks was the selection of Kevin Durant on the West roster, as some have noted that the reigning MVP shouldn't have made the squad due to his numerous injuries this season...

...and with one simple tweet, Kevin Durant reminded us of a couple of things.

  1. That we love him.
  2. That we need more dopeness in the All-Star Game

Here's the tweet.

Asking someone to play you one-on-one to prove your bravado on the basketball court is always the best way to settle a score. Just like asking someone if you want to fight it out, drink it out or flirt it out with other women, this is the type of thing that men generally do to prove a point. (Also, men are stupid sometimes.)

I'll speak for the general body of basketball fans everywhere, we're all here for it. (The one-on-one part, not the fighting part)

Here's the thing, who's beating KD in a game of one-on-one that's an All-Star snub? Yes, we know that Damian Lillard is enraged like Vegeta was when Goku began meddling in his business, but Lillard's a pipsqueak compared to KD. Dirk Nowitzki? He's not defending KD, regardless of how many times he shows KD how to do his one-legged fadeaway. Draymond Green? Opposite problem, because he's not scoring.

For comedic and entertainment purposes only, here's the players KD should battle one-on-one for his All-Star spot.

  1. Nick Young - I I even need to explain this?
  2. Andrew Wiggins - Because Wiggins will be challenging for KD's spot in the near future.
  3. Jamal Crawford - Whoever hits the most fadeaway 30 footers wins.
  4. Monta Ellis - I doubt there's anyone else who actually believes they'd beat KD in one-on-one more than Monta
  5. Dion Waiters - Okay, maybe there is.

Hey Adam Silver, while you're thinking about making legalized gambling across all sports and a revamped playoff system happen in the near future, do us all a favor and bring one-on-one basketball to All-Star Saturday night. Trust me, it's WAY better than that horrid Three Ball competition you trot out every year.

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