Starting Lineups: Kevin Garnett Is Now An Official Member Of The Minnesota Timberwolves

As the editor-in-chief and leader of the free sports fan world, sometimes you have to make executive decision or three. This decision in particular, is a simple one. We're bringing the Starting Lineups back. Why? Simple really, because here in the TSFJ e-offices consume a lot of dope content, and rather than being selfish with it, we'd rather share it with the people.

If you're not aware, Starting Lineups is your required morning reading material. It will consist of the best things we read or watched in the last 24 hours. Most of it will be sports related with a sprinkling of non-sports dopeness. You will enjoy it, guaranteed.

With that being said, we celebrate the official return of the Starting Lineups with photos signaling the official return of Kevin Garnett to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Those goosebumps you're feeling are okay, it's just a sign of respect for his greatness and remembering when KG ruled Minneapolis.

Here's your pertinent reading material for the day, enjoy.

Kevin Garnett is about that flush life. Evidently The Big Ticket has earned a real reputation of throwing his teammates' cell phones into the toilet.

Hi Rihanna. The folks over at Triangle Offense have come up with The Rihanna Effect, a infographic that breaks down the impact of Rihanna at NBA games.

Hingle McCringleberry. Over at The Cauldron, they provide essential tips on how to give your kids a proper sports name. Seriously, don't name your kid LeBron.

LA Raiders Back? If the NFL gives the clearance to build a stadium it could mean a $20-25M boost for the economy around Inglewood. Also, it could bring the Chargers, Rams or Raiders back to Southern California.

Here's why Marshawn Lynch's Madden Rating isn't 99 overall. Neil Payne at FiveThirtyEight speaks to the man at EA Sports who controls the ratings on Madden. (Note: NFL players are hard to please when it comes to their speed rating.)

Charles Barkley isn't going to read this. Kirk Goldsberry put together a fascinating read on using analytics to prove who really is the best at playing defense in the NBA. Sorry James Harden.

The Real Minnesota Miracle Man. A fascinating tribute to Herb Brooks, the head coach of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team that defeated Russia 35 years ago on Sunday.

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