Kobe Bryant Went Ham On Everyone At Lakers Practice, Calls Everyone 'Soft Like Charmin'

In my opinion, this has easily been the most entertaining season in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. I mean, I thought the turmoil between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant would be unparalleled, but like most times in my life, I'm wrong once again.

If you can't tell by the sarcasm font I'm using in this article, I am not a fan of the Lakers. However, one of the greatest joys in life that I receive as a basketball fan is watching the Lakers (and their fan base) endure meltdown after meltdown due to their franchise's current ineptitude. We know that the Lakers are one of the league's two most successful franchises of all-time, but when the team sucks like they suck right now, watching fans lose their minds is a glorious thing to experience.

With that being said. The Lakers are 6-16 this year and are facing the conundrum of losing their first round draft pick in 2015 if they don't finish with one of the five worst records in the NBA. It's a conundrum in the sense that they have to lose to actually win in the future. Unfortunately, that ability to sacrifice for the short-term for long-term benefit is constantly being derailed by the psychopath that is Kobe Bryant.

Kobe's anger finally boiled over on Thursday, as Mamba decided that the jig was finally up. Cue up the tantrum. (Video courtesy of Baxter Holmes at TWC SportsNet.)

Cue up the rage towards Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers GM:

Cue up the follow-up tweets:

Nick Young is probably somewhere right now telling Iggy Azalea that while Kobe was doing all that cussing at folks, he still didn't stop him from being the greatest at going 1-on-1 on anyone in the league...and really, what else matters other than the happiness of everyone's favorite Laker, Swaggy P. All hail the 6-16 Los Angeles Lakers, the most entertaining team in the NBA right now.

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