Lost And Found: This Dunk By Jordan Kilganon Is Pretty Freaking Impressive

This isn't a story about how they should let high school, college and streetball dunkers all participate in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Those arguments are stupid and we don't have time for that around here.

Nope, all I want to do today is to get your day started right with a simple reminder. Anything's possible.

Meet Jordan Kilganon, a 6'1" gentleman who calls himself a 'professional dunker' (Guys, could you imagine using that when talking to women when they ask what you do for a living?) and found a way to give us a dunk that we've never seen before. Okay, there's an oft chance that some of you have seen this dunk before, but I doubt it.

This dunk is called the "Lost and Found". Enjoy. (H/T SB Nation)

Now admit it, you'd never seen a dunk like that, have you? We've seen the self-alley oop in a variety of forms in the past (what up Shawn Kemp) but hitting a 360 dunk while alley-ooping it with the same hand? Okay, that's mighty impressive.

Now all we need to do is get a bunch of bros to hang out with us like Jordan did so that whenever we do something impressive, we can have bros run around like chickens with their heads cut off in celebration of our greatness.

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