Starting Lineups: Manchester City Wins The Premiership In Preposterous Fashion

On Sunday, Manchester City won their first Premier League title in over 44 years by defeating Queens Park Rangers 3-2. Just on the simple fact alone that a team hoisted the gold for the first time in over four decades makes what transpired in Ethiad Stadium impressive. Of course, we're just getting started in discussing the chancery and tomfoolery that occurred on the pitch.

You see, City reminds me of one of my best friends I know. Blessed with a family that financially makes life easy for my boy. Not that he isn't bright; he's quite brilliant, actually. However, there are times that the man will do things that make you scratch your head until you have no more fingernails. The man can't get out of his own way on most days, but on any given day, he could do things that mere mortals couldn't imagine.

That's Manchester City, and that's the only way I can explain The Citizens (City) inexplicably having a goal scored by someone who hadn't scored one all season (Pablo Zabaletta),  egregiously giving up the ghost with two gift goals by QPR (one by Cisse, who along with Mario Balotelli, are single-handedly trying to bring back the Wesley Snipes Demolition man look back), then waiting until the final three-and-a-half minutes to put up two goals to secure a championship.

Seriously, watch the video. Watch the fans go on the emotional rollercoaster. The best and worst and best of being a sports fan all in a the span of 95 minutes. (Or a five-minute video clip)

Go crazy, Man City. Like Frank Sinatra said many moons ago, you did it your way. Now feel free to go crazy. Here is your pertinent reading material on this fine Monday.

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