Greatest Boxing Trainer

Meet Eric Kelly, Possibly The Greatest Boxing Trainer Of All-Time (Because He Trains Nerds)


If you're a heavy user of Google Chat then you know that your normal day can be filled with anywhere from a couple of a plethora of IM's from your family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances that you haven't spoken to in ages. These IM's can range from anything like, "what's up?" to a link to some meme that might make your head explode. In the case of Friday afternoon, the homie Paul sent me a link to a youtube clip he wanted me to watch. Unfortunately, because I was out and about I didn't get to watch it until Saturday morning.

Goodness gracious I'm upset I deprived myself of such greatness.

Meet Eric Kelly. Per the Huffington Post, is a four-time National Amateur Boxing champion and two-time NYC Golden Glove tournament winner, definitely knows a lot more about boxing than his Wall Street clientele, and isn't afraid of deriding them to their faces or, for that matter, on camera.

A couple of great quotes from this video.

"I train a bunch of fuckin' nerds."

Yes, because even nerdy people need training. Those bastards.

"A lot of these cats, I wish would just forget the address to the gym."

Yes, I have felt the same way about many a former co-worker and annoying friend.

“Not everything is for everybody. You don’t see me going to motherfucking Wall Street, picking up a fucking briefcase trying to type, do you?”

That, my friends, is wisdom.

If this explicit language is too much then we here at TSFJ apologize, but if this isn't the greatest boxing trainer ever, then I don't know what else to do. Live long and prosper Eric Kelly, and I pray to God I never set foot in your boxing gym for actual training. Because I'm a nerd.

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