Million Dollar Ballers Gives Back With The Unveiling Of The Playground Collection

There's nothing quite like earning a nickname.

Most folks earn a nickname based off a rhyme of their name, a particular experience or background, or there are just evil people in your life that hate you and want to give you an embarrassing nickname for cruel purposes only. Back in the '80s, my two favorite players in the league also happened to have stellar nicknames.

Charles Barkley, a.k.a. The Round Mound of Rebound.

Dominique Wilkins, a.k.a. The Human Highlight Film.

Now, when it comes to putting said nickname on a t-shirt, putting all those words on a tee could provide to be difficult. However, the great folks over at Million Dollar Ballers have come through once again in the clutch. MDB's latest signature line, "The Playground Collection," features Clyde Drexler, David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon, ensuring the nicknames that ring true will always be remembered.

Glide. Admiral. Dream.

Plus, as owner Greg Beers told me, they're doing this for a good cause:

Portland-based clothing company Million Dollar Ballers honors an era when nicknames were household names with its latest collection, the Playground Collection. This collection of T-shirts pays homage to legendary nicknames born on the playground – Admiral, Dream and Glide.

"They don't make nicknames like they used to," explains owner Greg Beers. "These legends played in a time when every fan knew them by their nicknames."

As part of their Legends Give Back program, Million Dollar Ballers will donate half the profits from the shirts to charity on behalf of the legends – IDEA Public Schools, a network of tuition free schools, the Dream Foundation, which provides scholarships to exceptional high school students and the Clyde Drexler Foundation for its fight to end illiteracy.

This could be a great Christmas gift for your favorite basketball fan (I wear a 2XL, thanks) and a great tee to relive childhood nicknames that you remember. Like mine, Eddie Spaghetti.

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