Nike and Boris Diaw Go 'White on White' with the French Football Away Kit

I've watched Boris Diaw hoop up close in New York, and I've watched the man play ball since his days as a Phoenix Sun. A unique talent indeed, skilled in a way that make many NBA players jealous, with a frame that provides versatility all across the court. There's no doubt that Boris Diaw can hoop. Yes, the man has the inability to look like he gives a damn about anything he's doing and yes, the man looks like he ate a double cheeseburger right before he left the locker room, but, when motivated, he can score in a variety of ways.

Boris will be holding it down for Team France at the 2012 Olympics in London, but earlier this week, Diaw helped the French Football Federation unveil their new white-on-white away kit that the club will wear this Summer.

Diaw enlisted the services of his friends from USA and France to try on the new kit. From American sports legends like Carl Lewis and Steve Nash, to French sporting stars like rugby player Fulgence Oeudraogo and French Women's national footballer Laure Boulleau, the kit is dope, and I wonder if they'll put my boy Thierry Henry on the squad just for good luck's sake. Check out the video above, and the photos below for more.  Oh, and I'd really love a XXL kit, if anyone saw it in their hearts to get me one.


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