Introducing Calvin Johnson's New Signature Shoe, The Nike CJ81 Trainer Max

“Nike designers approached my CJ81 Trainer in the same way they approached my cleat, taking insights directly from the way I train,” said Johnson. “I told them my cleat should be built like a sports car for game day – low and lean with a tight suspension so I can feel the ground. But my trainers should feel like an SUV — a comfortable ride for my long training days that doesn’t sacrifice performance and protection.” -- Calvin Johnson

Such is life for the Detroit Lions all-world wide receiver, as the man who puts on for Transformers (Megatron) every time he steps on the field has some new kicks to wear when he's cross-training. Personally, this is one of those football trainers that harkens me back to the days of Deion Sanders' Nike Air Diamond Turf, Barry Sanders' Nike Zoom Turf and Emmitt Smith's Reebok ES22, where football kicks held major weight.

Personally, I haven't been more of a fan of a new shoe release than I have of the Nike CJ81 Trainer Max's. With the crossover strap, the intricate design (check the "From Good To Great" on the inside of the strap) and the recent release of the "Sandy Creek" red/white/blue colorway, its a shoe I'd be totally willing to spend my own money on, regardless of the price point.

The CJ81 Trainer Max “Sandy Creek” will be available starting tomorrow, June 29, and the CJ81 Trainer Max “The Opening” will be available July 10 at Nike retail locations and online at Peep the gallery below for more photos.


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