Kevin Durant And Nike Finally Shows Us What's In The Backpack

I can remember being in high school and college and remembering how much I actually didn't use a backpack. I think I was too busy trying to unsuccessfully talk to women, or I just carried one of those Five-Star notebooks and my textbooks at a time. Hey, that's what lockers and three-hour breaks before my next class are for, right?

Now that I'm an old man (29), I now take my backpack pretty much everywhere. From my corporate accessories (portfolio, business cards, etc.) to my journalistic accessories (Macbook, camera, etc.) to my necessities (chargers, headphones, flask), my personal satchel has officially joined me at the hip.

So it seems this is the case with Kevin Durant. We've seen this man go to press conferences with all types of gaudy satchels and backpacks on him while conducting interviews. Is it that serious, bruh? Yes, yes it is. Nike and Durant teamed up to provide a deeper look into the design and inspiration behind Nike’s KD backpack.

Kevin Durant's backpack back story dates back to his childhood in Maryland. His love of backpacks continued on to his college days in Austin, Texas. It followed him to Seattle, when he was drafted by the Sonics, up to today in Oklahoma City, with many pit stops along the way.

“Since I was seven years old, I’ve always been attached to my backpack,” Durant said. “It represents the hard work I learned from my family, and it will always remind me of my journey to get to where I am.”

So what’s in the bag?

“Those who know me know I like to keep it simple,” Durant said. “I carry three key things in my backpack – my headphones, bible and chargers. Sometimes, my shoes, socks, ball, iPad and water are also along for the ride.”

The Nike KD Hoops Elite Ball Backpack launches globally in December and debuts in the Black/Photo Blue/Total Orange color. If you all love me, you will get this for me for Christmas. I promise, I have been a good boy. Check the photos for more detailed images on the backpack.


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