Starting Lineups: Nike Soccer Unveils A Very European-Looking 2014 U.S. National Team Away Kit


Excuse me for a moment, I was just appreciating the greatness that is Sydney Leroux.

As I've come to mature into a well-rounded sports fan at the age of 30, my list of must-see events has definitely changed. While there was a time where I couldn't miss an Atlanta Braves baseball game ever (thank you, Ted Turner), nowadays I must live vicariously through the Braves blogs I read and the highlights I am able to catch. Woe is me, being a West Coast Braves fan. However, one major sporting event that I will never miss out on again is the every-four-years Royal Rumble between the 32 best soccer-playing countries in the world. This is affectionately known as the World Cup, which will be taking place in Brazil this summer.

'Merica. Or as you people like to call her, The United States of America, was recently dipped by Nike with some new kits (uniforms, people) to wear when the U.S. players take their talents to Rio de Janeiro. While the home whites were greeted with tepid enthusiasm, the road red, white and blues aren't quite the red, white and blues that I'm used to.


Excuse me for one more moment, I need to appreciate the greatness that is Allyson Felix.

Don't get me wrong, I really do like these kits. They're super dope. However, if you told me they were Czech Republic's uniforms, I'd totally believe you too. Maybe it's because of the lighter shade of blue or the type font of the number system or just the general cut of the panels on the uniform that make me feel like this isn't the most American of uniforms I've seen.


Of course, the one  thing I know about 'Merica is that we have a tendency to take things that ain't ours and make them our own. Even if it's a style of a kit. Be sure to check out the full release of the Nike U.S. National Team Away Kit as The Swoosh does a great job of profiling other non-soccer athletes like Allyson Felix, Andrew Luck, Paul Rodriguez and Ndamukong Suh as well.

Enjoy your Wednesday reading material here on The Sports Fan Journal, and please continue to support our movement. Praise God Shammgod.

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