Because The Nike x Air Jordan "Triangle" Art Collection By Larry Luk Is Pretty Freaking Cool

It's funny how life works sometimes.

I remember when I was a young sports fan living in my mother's home always having a desire to collect things. At first it was the trading cards and the Starting Lineups figurines, but then I gradually went over to posters. Man, did I ever have way too many posters on my wall. The Michael Jordan free throw dunk on one side, the Shawn Kemp "Reign Man" poster on the other. My Charles Barkley "Phoenix Rising" poster on the door, the '92 Dream Team poster on the other side of the door. SLAMadamonth posters everywhere. (Okay, I may or may not have had a few JET Beauty of the Month's on my wall too. My mama hated that.) Needless to say, I was a king in the poster game on my wall.

Anyway, I didn't really get into collecting sneakers until I started making my own money. (Mom's allowance just wasn't cutting it to get myself some J's.) However, nowadays I find myself perusing sneaker stores both brick and mortar and online frequently, just hoping to get my kicks fix one more time.

So when friend of the TSFJ family, Larry Luk of We Are The Process, sent me the link of his latest artwork...well, my interest was piqued. Luk's imagination took him to creating sneaker art focuses  on a "triangle" design process that highlights some of his favorite shoes. From the Air Jordan I to the Nike Mag 2011's, there's something that any sneaker fan can appreciate on his latest display.

Be sure to check out all the photos below in the gallery, and if you're so inclined to want a print or a poster, then head over to Larry's site and he'll be sure to hook you up. Tell him a US Media Bro sent you.

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