NY Times' Bev Gooden Guarantees A Cavs Series Win, Plus NBA Finals Wagers And #WhyIStayed

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On the 25th episode of The Versus Podcast, Bonta and Eddie nerd all the way out on the current state of the 2015 NBA Finals. Are the Cleveland Cavaliers really going to pull off this magic trick? Does Steph Curry and Steve Kerr have a Plan B for dealing with LeBron James? Is what LeBron doing in these finals truly unprecedented?

Plus, we're fortunate to have Bev Gooden, writer of the New York Times and NBC's Today, and most important a HUGE fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, step into the lion's den to talk NBA Finals. Why does JR Smith and Harrison Barnes make Bev and Bonta so mad? And why are the two making a wager over egregious snapbacks depending on who wins the Finals? Also, a conversation on the #WhyIStayed hashtag awareness campaign and thoughts on Hope Solo and Brittney Griner.

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