You Should Sit Back And Enjoy Oakley And Allen's Weekly Curation Of Playoff Cool

If you're a basketball head who's active on these social media streets, you're familiar with the greatness of Oakley & Allen.

In short, they are curators of all things cool in relation to basketball. From finding obscure NBA jerseys of yesteryear to cropping together fantastic moments of playoff basketball, if you're a fan of hoop, you should be a fan of O&A.

As it stands, one of the best things for me to watch on a Monday morning is their every seventh day tradition titled "The W33kly", where they cobble together various clips from The Association and lay down a complimentary soundtrack that makes you feel good about life. This week, nothing but dunks and blocks...along with Kyrie Irving + Gregg Popovich shenanigans.

A couple of quick takeaways here after watching a few times:

  • The Robin Lopez/Jae Crowder sneaker shenanigans made me die laughing at least 12 times this week. So funny.
  • We got a Gerald Green playoff game in 2017.
  • "Give Me A Happy Day" by Heart was immediately added to my Spotify playlist.
  • David Fizdale cemented his legacy with his "Take That For Data" rant. However, his accent made me wonder where he's from. Turns out, he's from Los Angeles, which serves as a reminder... folks from LA can sound country as hell too.
  • LeBron chase down blocks are for America.

Big ups to Viney Del Negro, Feel Jaxson and the rest of the O&A Crew as they've done great work for a long time. Give them a follow on YouTube and get ready for the next edition of "The W33kly" on Mondays.

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