Pedro Martinez's Hall Of Fame Speech Was Awesome, Here's 7 Reasons Why We Enjoyed It

If you weren't aware, my birthday is on Tuesday, I decided to do some pre-birthday celebrating at an epic pool party in San Francisco on Sunday. As a result, I missed out on watching Pedro Martinez being inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame. Shame on me.

Martinez, along with legends Randy Johnson, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio were in Cooperstown on Sunday to be crowned with the game's highest honor, as induction is the ultimate cement of any legacy.

With all due respect to Biggio and the Big Unit, the speeches I wanted to hear were from Smoltz and Pedro. As a Braves fan, the best pitcher in Braves history (that I'd ever seen with my own eyes) gave a profound speech which you should also listen to. However, I can't front, when I went to search for the Hall of Fame speeches, the first one I went looking for was Pedro's.

I've now listened to it twice, here's why you should at least give it one listen.

  1. Because the Dominican Republic represented in full force to support their brother with drums playing and loud chanting ringing out loudly throughout Cooperstown.
  2. Because Pedro Martinez's suit game is strong.
  3. Because Pedro throws shade effortless at Randy Johnson, ragging on his height.
  4. Because seeing "Pedro Jaime Martinez" on a plaque with that glorious jheri curl is the greatest. Also, it refers to the era Martinez played in as “an era of high octane offense.” I think they misspelled "The Steroid Era."
  5. Because Pedro still found a way to throw shade at the media.
  6. Because Pedro paid homage to the Dominican Republic in a very genuine way, breaking into full spanish halfway through the speech to talk to the people back in his home country. Pedro had already addressed the questionable commentary of Colin Cowherd earlier, but Sunday's speech was much more personal and uplifting.
  7. Because Pedro paid homage to Juan Marichal, the only other Dominican player to be nominated into baseball's hall of fame.

Pedro's speech is 32 minutes long, but it's well worth the listen. Enjoy.

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