QOTD: What Was Your Favorite Moment Of The 1988-2002 Charlotte Hornets Era?

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News out of the Queen City (North Carolina edition) is that the ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats will file the proper paperwork to change their name from their current nickname (which comes from the name of the first owner, BET CEO Bob Johnson) to the nickname that resided before anyone knew what in hades a Bobcat was. Yes, word on the street is that the Buzz Is Back and the Hornets could be bringing their talents back to Charlotte. Per Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, it seems that the new commish is on board as well:

The Bobcats technically need approval from a majority of the league’s other 29 teams to take on the name of Charlotte’s original NBA team. But it’s clear there won’t be resistance, after the New Orleans franchise gave up that nickname to be called the Pelicans.

Incoming NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said twice during visits to Charlotte that he is for this name change if Bobcats owner Michael Jordan wants it. And outgoing Commissioner David Stern advocated a name change, according to a source familiar with Stern’s thinking.

Let it be known that the 1988-2002 Charlotte Hornets arguably had one of the greatest uniform schemes of all-time. The teal and white was surprisingly beautiful. The pinstripes were special, and the Hornets were one of the first teams in the NBA to have an alternate uniform scheme. Will we get the teal back in the NBA? Per Michael Jordan back in May....maybe?

“Overwhelming you wanted the Hornets name back,’’ Jordan said. “When I first played here years ago, the thing I was totally astounded by was the energy. I wanted to bring that energy back. (This decision) says a lot about how we’ve taken the input from our community and put that in action.’’

There are some unresolved issues. Although Jordan and team marketing director Pete Guelli sat in front of purple-and-teal sign reading, “Bring the Buzz,’’ it’s still unclear whether the Bobcats would take on the Hornets’ old color scheme.

“We haven’t even discussed that right now,’’ Jordan said of the color scheme. “This is a first step. To say today we’ve come to that conclusion would not be an accurate statement.’’

I think I can speak for AMERICA when I say that no one's trying to see that current orange/blue/white uniform Bobcats swaggerjack uniform (take long looks at the Orlando and Dallas uniforms, then look at Charlotte's) anymore, and we especially don't want it now to have HORNETS slapped on it. No. Bring back the teal. Keep the pinstripes, and get better players too.

Thinking of those Hornets teams from back of the day, I began to think of my favorite moments of the 1988-2002 Charlotte Hornets. Here's six.

6. The J.R. Reid era: I thought he was going to be what that was in the NBA. He was not what that was in the NBA.

5. Glen Rice shuts down the All-Star Game: This used to be the biggest moment in the career of Glen Rice, as winning the 1997 ASG MVP with a memorable 20-point 3rd quarter performance put the Michigan gunner on national radar. Then Sarah Palin happened. =(

4. Playing with Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson on NBA Jam: Probably the most versatile and well-rounded squad on the game. I never played with them because everyone else did, but they were dope as hell on that game.

3. Muggsy Bogues being Muggsy Bogues: I can remember being 10 years old and watching a Charlotte game on TV with my mama. "Mama," I bellowed to my mother. "Did you know that you and Muggsy Bogues are the same height?" She barely raised an eyebrow and retorted,"Yeah? That's nice. Son, go take the trash out and get me a glass of water." She wasn't here for Muggsy, but I was. He was a terror defending point guards bringing up the ball and was absolutely the best to watch.

2. Larry Johnson's iconic SLAM magazine cover: "Livin' Large" it read so boldly. I can remember digging through one of my best friends SLAM collection and being enamored by the covers. Of course, LJ's SLAM cover was special, I mean he had it in a laminated sleeve so you knew it was real. More importantly, it was special because it was the first issue in the history of SLAM magazine, and they chose Grandmama to grace their cover. It says a lot on what SLAM is as a magazine, and how they viewed themselves by using LJ as their cover feature.

1. Hornets vs. Celtics in the 1993 NBA Playoffs: In year five of the Charlotte Hornets existence, they were the first team of the new expansion era teams (Charlotte, Orlando, Minnesota and Miami) to win a playoff series. To do so, they would have to go through the old lions of the NBA, in the once prominent Boston Celtics. Even with Larry Bird now retired, guys like Robert Parish and Kevin McHale were still holding for the old guard, and an emerging star in Reggie Lewis would also stand in their way. (Coincidentally, Lewis collapsed on the ground in Game 1 of the series due to a heart defect and would die three months later) Nevertheless, Muggsy and LJ battled, and Alonzo Mourning became a man in front of our very eyes. His game-winner in Game 4 got the Hornets to the second round of the playoffs, and Charlotte's basketball team was officially on the map.

What's your favorite moment of the 1988-2002 Charlotte Hornets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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