Jalen Ramsey vs. DeAndre Hopkins Might Be The Best Rivalry In 2017

I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan and I struggle to watch my favorite football team on television.

Sure, there are some offensive playmakers on the roster, with the Allen Brothers breaking out in 2015. But with Blake Bortles imposing his will to singlehandedly destroy the Jaguars offense, it's nearly impossible to get consistent entertainment from the dynamic duo.

Sure, there are some defensive studs on the roster, with Telvin Smith ascending as one of the best linebackers in the league and Yannick Ngakoue becoming a draft-day steal as a pass rusher in 2016. But with Blake Bortles imposing his will to singlehandedly give the Jaguars defense as little rest as possible, it's hard to witness the defense truly shine.

Except for Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey plays cornerback like a kid who's seeking out to fight the bully. He has zero chill, he refuses to back down from anyone and even had the audacity to vilipend the great Steve Smith. During his rookie campaign, he had all the juice and he somehow made the Jaguars must-see TV.

Especially when they play DeAndre Hopkins and the Houston Texans.

Physicality, the essence of Ramsey vs. Hopkins. (Source: Houston Texans)

In 2016, Hopkins vs. Ramsey was like Apollo Creed vs. Rocky Balboa. A slugfest of epic proportions where the slimmest of margins determined victory between the two. The Texans emerged as winners versus the Jaguars on the scoreboard, but the individual series ended up 1-1.

In their first contest, it was clear that the rookie was game for a top five wideout like Hopkins. 'Nuk' was held to just five catches for 48 yards on 13 targets, but Hopkins nabbed a 10-yard catch on third-and-5 with the game on the line en route to a Texans victory.

In the second game, Ramsey claimed the W, even if the Texans beat the Jaguars 21-20. Hopkins did go for eight catches and 87 yards, but Ramsey's highlight reel went to the next level with his touchdown-saving breakups in the end zone. Not to mention various big hits and tackles on Hopkins that got the Jaguars off the field and made the Texans settle for field goals.

Over at The Film Room, Brett Kollman has done an exceptional job in breaking down this rivalry. Kollman's a fellow SB Nation writer, who happens to cover the Texans, so few have had the opportunity to watch Ramsey vs. Hopkins up close and personal as he has. His film breakdown is enjoyable and eye-opening.

I understand, the football season nearly four months away, but when you're wondering what to watch on NFL Sunday Ticket or if your regional game sucks and Texans vs. Jaguars is an option...give it a shot. Yes, I know this sounds absurd. But, there are few things that will be more entertaining to watch in 2017 than Ramsey vs. Hopkins, and we'll get to watch the two do battle for years and years to come. Can't wait!

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