Randy Moss Shares An NFL Draft Story On Meeting Deion Sanders

Just a heads up, the 2015 NFL Draft is officially less than a month away.

We're telling you this now, because your televisions and many of the other favorite blogs you read (because we know TSFJ is your #1 favorite) will soon be all in on NFL Draft content. Buzzwords like "upside" and "motor" will fly with impunity, mock drafts from Kiper and McShay will be published ad nauseum, and college pro days will magically showcase players with 40 times 3 seconds faster than at the combine ...

... and I'm not here for any of that.

No man. I'm here for the funny. I'm here for the entertainment. I'm here for a damned good time. Hearing Randy Moss talk about the first time he met Deion Sanders while believing he was going to be drafted by the Dallas Cowboys hits all the check marks on my list.

A couple of things here quickly...

ONE: If you ever want to rile up Cowboys fans, just remind them that they drafted Greg Ellis over Randy Moss in the NFL Draft. They will want to fight you.

TWO: Randy Moss used the word "liquidy," and I died 1,084 deaths.

THREE: Why did the animator of the video dress Deion's auntie in that ROY G. BIV outfit for the cartoon? That seemed unnecessary.

randy deion cowboys

FOUR: Randy Moss needs to tell more stories.

FIVE: Randy Moss in that bolo tie. MAN.

SIX: Can we get Deion to tell his version of the story? I feel like it'd be totally different and yet still just as awesome.

Thank God the Dallas Cowboys did the right thing by drafting Ellis over Moss. Also, I wonder if Moss would've asked "The Playmaker" Michael Irvin if he could wear the prestigious #88. Even for a Cowboys hater like myself, that would've been awesome to see.

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