Robert Griffin III Gets Drafted To Play Quarterback For Team adidas

Franchise quarterbacks have always been hard to come by, as they are quite the rare commodity. Once you find one, you try to surround him with the talent he can best exploit, so he can succeed for the future and give fans something to believe in for the long haul. adidas has found their franchise signal caller in the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner and top NFL Draft prospect quarterback, Robert Griffin III of Baylor University

Personally, it took me awhile to come around on RG3 as being a quarterback of serious potential and promise, but over the last two years (after recovering from a devastating knee injury), Griffin's been lights out. RG3 single-handedly put an entire college program on his back and into national prominence. That's a pretty damn cool achievement, don't you think?

"Robert Griffin III is an athlete first, and we respect everything he brings to the game," said David Baxter, vice president of Sport Performance for adidas America. "His team player mentality, strong leadership on and off the field and genuine character combined with explosive and dominant athleticism make him a perfect fit for our brand. He's clearly a great football player but, importantly, he's a great athlete."

Later this week in Indy, RG3 will debut the exclusive Combine Gold colorway of the 6.9 ounce adizero 5-Star low, the lightest cleat in football. Check out the Robert Griffin III conversation on Twitter at #RG3 or visit

Simple question I'll pose to the readers...Luck or Griffin? *fades into the shade*


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