Basketball Is Fun: Here's Russell Westbrook Dunking On Kent Bazemore

The Oklahoma City Thunder are struggling since Russell Westbrook returned to the lineup. The team is just 3-4 with their starting point guard back, and the struggles can mostly be attributed to losing two other starters (Kendrick Perkins and Thabo Sefolosha) and their defense going to hell. On Sunday afternoon, things took a terrible turn as the Los Angeles Lakers avenged their 48-point loss with a stunning defeat of the Thunder.

Me personally....I could care less.

Did you see Russell Westbrook grab that rebound, take five dribbles up the court, and then dunk on Kent Bazemore? No, you didn't? You're lucky, I have video.

A couple of things quickly.

ONE: I think Russell Westbrook is officially healthy.

TWO: Watch the video again and look on the Lakers bench at Robert Sacre and Nick Young. You will laugh.

THREE: I mentioned this on Twitter, but the last four Westbrook possessions in the 114-110 loss were the following. This insane dunk. An airballed three. A badly bricked three. A 40-foot swish. I don't know what this necessarily has to do with anything, but man watching Westbrook play basketball is the most insane thing ever.

If you all know me, then you know I'm a Thunder fan. Therefore, I'm probably going to make myself a cocktail now and just watch this dunk on repeat for an hour. After than, I'll just act like this game never happened. You know, because Jodie Meeks scores 42 points in a game all the time.  

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