Russell Westbrook Shares His Thoughts On Trying To Break Michael Jordan’s Triple Double Record

Russell Westbrook is living The American Dream.

The Oklahoma City Thunder had one of the more tumultuous campaigns I can remember in recent history, as injuries and trades made for an anti-climatic finish for a team many pegged to be playing basketball in June. Yet, here's Westbrook, a man whose name became synonymous with triple-doubles (the Thunder guard became the first NBA player since Michael Jordan in 1989 to record four consecutive triple-doubles) is out here rocking overalls, eating toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and expressing his appreciation for Taylor Swift's music.

If that's not The American Dream, I don't know what is. One time to Dusty Rhodes.

Westbrook's Thursday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” gave us a glimpse into the mind of the All-Star, including:

  • Westbrook admitted that he was absolutely gunning for MJ's record
  • Westbrook was definitely involved in the hiring of OKC's new coach Billy Donovan. To what degree? Who knows.
  • Magic Johnson was Westbrook's favorite player. This means he's definitely going to Los Angeles sometime soon. (Lakers fans, relax. He's going there only in the off-season.)
  • Naps are the best thing ever, but not for longer than one hour. Because being sluggish after a nap is the worst.

The NBA will be back in six weeks, and seeing Westbrook back on the court doing ignorantly awesome things (especially when he gets a technical foul) is what I live for.

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