Over At SB Nation: The Significance of Those Colorful Sneakers Worn at the NCAA Tournament

This past weekend, I was fortunate to go Shock The World for March Madness as one of the regional sites for the men's basketball NCAA tournament was hosted up the street from the crib in Sacramento. Here's a brief catalog of everything that happened while I was there.

  • I witnessed up close and personal The Lonzo Ball Show sponsored by The Lavar Ball Show in all of its glory.
  • I witnessed the Oregon Ducks showcase three potential NBA pros while a fourth potential pro sat injured on the bench.
  • I witnessed Lamar Odom finesse 20,000 basketball fans with an incredible dab while cheering on his Rhode Island Rams.
  • I witnessed the Cincinnati Bearcats breakout their throwback uniforms and remembered how incredible they were.
  • I witnessed my cell phone fly out of it's case and land face first onto a concrete floor, destroying the screen into oblivion.

Words will be written on some of these things, and others will not. However, I was honored to also do a cool profile on the sneakers that graced the court of the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento for the family at SB Nation. Come over and get to know Jarvis Garrett, Taylor Bessick and Marcus Foster as we explore The Significance of Those Colorful Sneakers Worn at the NCAA Tournament.

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