Score: 'All Cats Every Thing' At Oneness 287

Some of the cooler things to experience while Shocking The World all over the country are the local establishments that make each place special. If you went to Dallas, Kenny would most certainly take you to Rudy's for some of the finest chicken ever known to man. If you came to Oklahoma, then I'd have to take you to Jus-Flex Barbershop to see the craziness that goes down where I get my cut at.

If you ever take the trip down to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and make it down to Lexington, then here's a place you should stop by and check out at least for a few minutes. Oneness 287 sits right in the heart of downtown and on the University of Kentucky campus. If you're a connoisseur of kicks, hats and dope tees, then this is the spot for you.

The homie John runs a fine establishment and we chopped it up about everything, from the aftermath of North Carolina vs. Kentucky, to maintaining a successful business and growing his 'Oneness' brand. Of course, since they are in the heart of "U-Kaaaaaaaay" (I swear that's how 85% of all Wildcat fans say UK) country, then they make sure to put on for their prestigious program. Check out the "All Cats Everything" that John hooked me up with and seeing that the slogan "Cats" isn't mutually exclusive, maybe you Cincinnati Bearcats fans and Arizona Wildcats fans could consider copping one.

Eh, on second thought, if you find that blasphemous, then I totally understand that, too.

Check out the gallery for a few photos I took at the spot.


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