Score: The Million Dollar Ballers 'Legends' Tee

There are always those times when people talk about someone and you know exactly who they are, but you can't picture their face. You'd know them if you saw them, but your mind kind of draws a blank.

Well, this t-shirt is like that...but the opposite.

"We're inspired by the golden age of the basketball. It felt like the perfect time to honor some of the game's founding fathers," says Greg Beers, co-owner of the Million Dollar Ballers clothing line out of Portland, Oregon. "The T-shirt collection pays tribute to basketball legends that laid the groundwork for today’s stars."

The first series of tees, dubbed "The Legends" collection, features a starting lineup of revered Hall-of-Famers that everyone can immediately recognize, regardless of what generation of basketball you grew up on. With the vintage look, dope facial hair stylings (big fan of the "Kareem" personally) and vibrant colors, you can rep your favorite players of yesteryear while the players of the present try and get their sh*t together.

You can view the Legends Collection at, and be on the lookout for the collaboration giveaway with SLAM Magazine coming soon. Hurry up and buy.


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