Kevin Durant and the Nike Zoom KD IV

Score: Kevin Durant's Nike Zoom KD IV, A Shoe for the People

Kevin Durant and the Nike Zoom KD IV
Something to keep in mind to folks who are interested in blogging about what they love: there definitely can be some perks that come across your path.  They might be in the form of a t-shirt, could be credentialed access, or it may be meeting superstars...but one that always hits home for me is a fresh pair of kicks.

When I see the rectangular-shaped box on my doorstep when I come home from 'the plantation,' my heart skips a beat. Sometimes, I know what I'm getting; other times, not so much. So when I saw the news of the big homie, Kevin Durant, launching his fourth incarnation of the Nike Zoom KD, the thought crossed my mind that the good folks at 'The Swoosh' would send me a size 13.

Then I saw the shoe, and I saw the price.


Yep, they're $95. You realize if you bought the newest pair of Jordan's, you might get ONE shoe for $95; couldn't even get the entire pair.

"So much in this shoe, but I still made sure they kept them below $100. They drop on Dec. 3rd for $95." -- Kevin Durant

I've made my mind up that, unless the shoe gods decide that its in my destiny to get this pair, I will be purchasing these shoes myself. The cross-strap and the potential colorways are intriguing enough on their own, but knowing that this is the same man that seems genuinely pissed about the lockout, is out here playing flag football with the people and is arguably the coolest athlete I've ever met, this qualifies as a time when you've got to put your money where your mouth is.




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