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We Are The Process - "Hold the Line" Collection

With a new year comes a desire to have a new focus on life. Be it on your goals, the people you hold dear to you or just to not repeat whatever happened in 2012. Yet, sometimes we forget that living life is all about surviving and overcoming. The things you do to get ready for your day-to-day, for whatever may be around the corner, having the mental capacity to handle that uncertainty carries its own stress. (Unless you have zero stress, then I envy you. Plus, I image you don't even exist.)

Our good friends over at We Are The Process unveiled their latest collection last month, called "Hold The Line." The newest line is inspired by simply surviving, living with that mindset and wearing it on your sleeve. Co-founder Jorge Menes left us a personal message that's worth sharing to you the reader, which allows you a glimpse into the thought that went into the line:

My name is Jorge Menes, one of three founders of We Are The Process. Since 2008, Georgios Saliaris, Larry Luk and myself have pushed our brand into new places with every collection. As the brand has grown it has been pertinent, and rewarding, for us to find ways to successfully inject our personal stories into our releases. While we are still growing as a brand, this newest We Are The Process collection is my personal favorite because it has deep meaning to me:

16 years ago, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I have served in Bosnia, Iraqi Freedom, South Korea, and most recently, Germany. The military, like The South, has made me who I am. As a first generation American, I am thankful to this great country for the freedom to tell my story. This collection, guided by my love of Corps and country, blends my uniformed life with everyday survival in the civilian sense. The world is a complex and scary place. This collection keeps you ready, and even dressed up, for whatever is next. God bless the Corps, The South, and the USA. See you on the other side. -JM

The "Hold The Line" collection can be purchased at the We Are The Process online store, and be sure to check their twitter feed as well.


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