Starting Lineups: Amare Stoudemire Loses His Damned Mind, Punches Fire Extinguisher

Two tweets, and a quote represent what happened between Amar'e Stoudemire and that damn fire extinguisher.

First, from Amare:

Then, from the internet prophet that is Dragonfly Jonez:

Punk ass Amare beating up fire extinguishers and shit. Fight yo nose (redacted).

— D'Brickashaw (@DragonflyJonez)

Finally, Charles Barkley from Inside The NBA:

"Why didn't he (Amare) hit the thing (fire extinguisher) the other day, when they lost by 35? They only lost by ten today." — Charles Barkley

Amare, you've clearly lost your damned mind. Do better, and go be a father to your kids, man. Here is your morning reading for Tuesday.

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