Starting Lineups: Why Won't The Chicago Bears Pay Matt Forte?

So this is what its come down to, huh?

Matt Forte's been in the league for four years, and last season was the first time that Forte missed any playing time. Forte was out for the final four games of the regular season after spraining the MCL in his right knee. Now, with Forte's contract up, and the Chicago Bears known to be a bit of a tight-wad organization when it comes to their finances, the Bears brass dropped us with this gem of a line to the Chicago Tribune on Monday: "We're concerned about his knees."


Yep, citing potential arthritis, over 1,200+ carries in four years, so they basically have told the man that "we're slanging the pill with Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush and the slew of other receivers on the squad."

So is this how you treat a man in Forte who has accounted for nearly 50 percent of the Bears total offensive production? You know, over 6,000+ yards in total offense in four seasons? I can understand the Bears having concerns; a 27-year-old tailback coming off a knee surgery in a league where the age of 28  is considered "over-the-hill" isn't exactly an ideal situation. However, what the Bears do owe Forte is a straight shot. Pay the man a long deal or a short deal, or hell, don't give him anything and let him go on about his business.

However, now you got this man running hills with a weighted sled on his back? With the highest-pitched dog of all-time yelping in the background? Man, please do something for this guy and his future. Otherwise, you'll probably drive him nuts.

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