Starting Lineups: Derrick Rose's Depressing Return To The United Center

Whoever makes these decisions for the Chicago Bulls needs to be fired. Okay, maybe not fired, but a stern talking to seems to be in order.

Goodness gracious, I haven't seen a more pathetic and depressing sight in this world than watching Derrick Rose slowly limp his way towards half-court with the game ball. Seriously, Rose looked JUST like me, walking on the court with the ball in his hand. I instantly realized how pathetic I must look, walking around with this boot on, taking all the cool out of my walk.

No, Derrick Rose should've been posted up in the suite the entire time. Yes, the standing ovation was cool, but no one wants to see that man fighting off emotion to walk on the court with that boot on. Finally, Rose gets himself up to the booth, and there's no one in there but him. He's by himself. With that "Derrick Rose look" on his face. It was the most depressing thing I'd ever seen in my life.

God bless the Bulls; they tried. However, after seeing Rose in those cutaways, the Bulls weren't going to win. There was no chance in hell it was going to happen. Here is your required reading this fine Wednesday.

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