Starting Lineups: Doin' It In The Park Documentary Trailer

There's nothing like playing pick-up basketball.

It's the beautiful thing about basketball; doesn't matter if people playing with each other have never met each other, don't speak the same language or believe in the same things, hoops are universal and the game has a language all to its own.

Two men, directors and producers (the legendary) Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau, hopped on their bikes, carrying cameras and a ball in their backpacks, and got to work. Over 180 courts and NYC’s five boroughs later, their debut documentary will premiere later this May in New York.

Doin’ It In The Park highlights the movement of pick-up ball through a variety of personalities. From playground legends known and unknown, to NBA athletes, and the everyday hooper who just wants to get on the next five.  If I didn't have a broken leg, I'd be more motivated to hoop like right now. Ah well.

Enjoy the trailer, and enjoy your pertinent reading material on this fine Wednesday.

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