Starting Lineups: I Dressed Up As Waldo For Halloween And It Was An Awesome Idea

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For a brief moment I felt like a professional athlete.

It was a Friday night and I was out with my people, preparing to head out to a Halloween fundraiser costume party here in the Bay Area. Mind you, this was the 25th of October, and I know that this article above references that it was Halloween but...there were but a scant few folks actually dressed for Halloween on this particular night. So here I am, dressed up as one of my favorite childhood characters of all-time, and for some reason....folks are wanting to take photos of me.

I dressed up as Waldo, and evidently folks were wondering just where I had been.

Here are a few quick takeaways:

  1. My philosophy on Halloween is that if I dress up and plan on going out into the streets, I want a simple outfit and want to be comfortable in the process. Waldo's outfit consists of a shirt, beanie and glasses. I already owned the glasses so this was an easy choice. Also in my philosophy, if it takes longer than 15 seconds for folks to figure out who or what you are, you're probably doing a bit too much with the costume.
  2. I spent $30 total on the outfit online and it got to my house in 4 days. Slight work.
  3. Honestly, wearing the Waldo costume on Friday night was the closest I've ever been to feeling like a celebrity. I felt like everyone had a vague idea of who I was and everyone felt compelled to want to take a photo with me. It was awesome.
  4. People randomly coming up to you and yelling, "I FOUND YOU" can be the worst and greatest thing ever.
  5. Surprisingly, wearing a brightly-striped red and white shirt along with a brightly-striped red and white beanie makes it incredibly easy for folks to find you.

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