Starting Lineups: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Gives The Double Bird Salute

H/T to SportsGrid

I'll be honest....I didn't know how to take this photo when I first saw it. Yesterday was the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 65th birthday, and the proper respects were paid all across the internets and folks who respect basketball and history. Kareem always seemed poised, calm and composed on the court. Yes, he had his moments where he'd talk crazy and wag his finger in someone's face, but that's in the heat of the moment. Everyone's prone to those moments.

But giving three people on the other team the double bird salute, with the 'fro styled in such a fashion that Angela Davis would be proud, and Kareem with a look on his face that signified he was definitely "about that life"? Yikes.

Respect the sky hook, respect the champion and respect the double bird salute as we present your morning reading Starting Lineups on Tuesday.

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