Starting Lineups: The Entire Team USA Squad Hugged Up On The First Lady

Yes, Team USA took care of business against France on Sunday in an impressive 98-71 victory in London. It was the opening game of the Men's Basketball tournament of the 2012 Olympics and all of the things we expected happened. LeBron James showed out. Kevin Durant went off. Even Anthony Davis got in there and did some thangs. Oh, and Tony Parker had the rec-specs in full effect.

None of that really matters though, because after the game was over, the 12-man crew (and coaches) went and got they post-game celebration on with the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Let the hugging begin.

I personally believe that Michelle Obama's neck smells like baby's breath and Hennessy at the same time, but I digress. Enjoy your pertinent Monday reading material, and get your week started right.

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