Starting Lineups: Parents, Letting Kids Stay Up Late To Watch Overtime Games Is Cool

You're conditioning your child for greatness; trust me on this.

Mike Emrick, the play-by-play announcer for the NBC Sports Network, for Game Three of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers had to be worn out. The two teams could only score one goal apiece and were now three overtimes deep. Goodness gracious. When it seemed like the game would never end, Marian Gaborik's game-winning goal put a certain subset of hockey fans into "jubilation mode" or "cry tears in my beer mode." The game was finally over.

Then Emrick said the following (paraphrasing) and it made me think of my Mom.

"Kids, be sure to thank your parents for letting you stay up past your bedtime. You're going to be moving around slow tomorrow, but it'll be worth it." -- Mike Emrick

Even though it was totally the wrong thing to do, my mom would let me stay up and watch games when my squad was on the brink. My Seattle SuperSonics would be playing late night on the West Coast versus the Phoenix Suns, and moms would be down. "Did Kemp win the game for the Sonics, son?" My mom would ask. She stopped asking that as soon as my celebration or disgust would immediately kick in.

Parents, let your kids stay up and watch their favorite teams. Otherwise, they'll have to rely on highlights in the morning, and second-hand stories from their friends. You'll breed a bandwagon sports fan, and your child will be despised.

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