Starting Lineups: Ray Lewis Will Give Anybody A Motivational Speech

Ray Lewis gives a motivational speech to Stanford's basketball team.

Football season is just one week away as the Dallas Cowboys will face the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants next Wednesday. A new season brings hope to all 32 teams (even my Jaguars) and also the opportunity to get the one thing we can't seem to live without. Ray Lewis motivational speeches.

What's interesting though is that evidently Ray-Ray doesn't reserve his speeches for the football field. Nope, he's kinda willy-nilly about giving speeches to anybody and everybody. In the Wall Street Journal, Lewis has given "multiple" Fortune 500 companies speeches to their workforces for pay, but more than anything else, he just likes "firing people up." Even a swim a team full of teenagers.

"Track teams, wrestling teams, whatever it is, whatever the request is, if it fits, no matter what it is I go," Lewis said. Asked how many extemporaneous speeches he's given in the recent past, he said: "I couldn't even tell you, the list is so long."

Take, for instance, a scene in Boca Raton, Fla., earlier this year. "I was in the gym," Lewis said. "And this guy was like, 'We're about to have this swimming competition, would you please stop by?' I said 'yeah' and the guy says 'give us a speech!'" On cue, Lewis delivered a rousing talk—to a group of 16-year-olds. "That's how they just randomly come up," he said.

I wonder what it would take to get Ray Lewis to give a motivational speech to the crew? I feel like this needs to happen, asap-tually. In the article, Lewis is also referenced in dropping in on Elon University's football team as a torrential downpour allowed Lewis to come on in and talk last year. Eight minutes later ...

Stay motivated today everybody, or Ray Lewis might give you a free motivational speech. Hmmm, maybe I'll stay depressed. Enjoy your pertinent reading material for Wednesday.

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