Starting Lineups: The Greatest Story About Terrell Davis Ever

This is pretty much serving as Kris Rothstein appreciation day on The Sports Fan Journal. Last night on The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, Kris hopped onto the show and spit the usual gospel on all things Andrew Bynum, Andrew Luck and about life in general. Then, a reference to the greatest story of all-time was made. Promises were made, laughs were had, and what was promised would be delivered.

This is the greatest story you'll ever hear about Terrell Davis. It reeks of Hennessy (literally), Las Vegas, gambling and chicanery. This episode of #theUCshow originally aired over a year and a half ago, and I laugh at this every single time. Put the headphones on for this one because it's definitely NSFW. (The story begins at the 29 minute mark.)

Enjoy the story and enjoy your pertinent reading material for Thursday.

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