Stephen Curry Visits New York City, Decides To Check Out Studio 54

stephen curry scores 54 vs knicks

I've always had an appreciation for Stephen Curry. Ever since his days as a Davidson Wildcat, where he acted the part of David and took out his mighty 3-point slingshot to slay college basketball's giants, I made it a point to make sure to keep tabs on what's going on with the fair-skinned brother wearing #30.

However, three different events transpired over the course of the last 48 hours that made me realize that Steph Curry ain't playing around here, and it might be time to take this dude a bit more seriously. You see, I imagine Steph's listening to Freddie Gibbs' "Baby Faced Killa" and just trying to embody the music he's nodding to.

1. Stephen Curry Destroys George Hill: When you see someone get crossed up on a basketball court, your immediate response is usually some form of "OOOOOOOOH!" and "DAAAAAAAAMN!" However, when I saw Curry cross the life out of Indiana Pacers guard George Hill on Tuesday night, I paused for a half-second. I partially paused because I wasn't quite sure what had just happened. I also partially paused because of what immediately transpired after the cross happened. George Hill decided that he wasn't going to let Curry be great, and pulled off a tackle that Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis would be proud of on Curry while he tried to finish at the rim. I think what I yelled verbatim at the television was, "GOT DANGIT GEORGE LET CURRY BE GREAT!"

2. Stephen Curry Tried To Fight A Giant: A fracas broke out later in the game between the Pacers and the Warriors, as David Lee and Roy Hibbert became human battering rams in the paint. Hibbert gave Lee a push with a little extra mustard on it, and Steph wasn't having hit. What transpired next will always make me laugh:

  • Curry ran up on a man an entire foot taller than him and tried to get buck.
  • Hibbert tossed Curry away like he was a rag doll.
  • Then Curry did something that made me proud to be a light-skinned American.
  • Curry re-ran up on Hibbert again like he was really going to do something.
  • Hibbert re-tossed Curry away like a rag doll, but at this point it was irrelevant.

Stephen Curry ran up on Roy Hibbert, and as soon as I saw it happening I immediately thought that dude lost his mind. I mean, I didn't think he'd throw hands and try to really scrap with the 7-footer, but if you run up on somebody you've got to know that this dude might hit you back. The fact that Curry did this twice, without hesitation, showed me how unafraid he was. It might've shown how crazy (stupid) he is too, and I'm totally okay with that.

3. Stephen Curry Decided He Was Going To Studio 54 In NYC: Following the scrap versus the Pacers on Tuesday, the great almighty David Stern handed down punishment on David Lee with a one-game suspension. Not a good look when you've got to face a tough New York Knicks squad in Madison Square Garden, right?

But this is Madison Square Garden, and when the lights come on in the Mecca of basketball, those who are capable of shining bright on the biggest stage tend to put on a Broadway-esque show for the residents of the Big Apple. Curry was about to have his moment.

Curry went on to put up 54 points on poor Raymond Felton and the Knicks defense, including 11 3-pointers, floaters, mid-range jumpers and assaults at the rim for the Warriors. The Knicks weren't even hiding the fact that they were sending double teams at Curry, and yet it didn't matter. The lights were on, everyone's eyes were on him, and then Curry broke out the shimmy made famous by his head coach, Mark Jackson. It was a beautiful sight to see, and I was as paralyzed as the Knicks defense seemed to be.

Curry's been giving us these moments since his days at Davidson, and every time he pulled off another miraculous moment, he'd come back and do it again. Now on the NBA stage, he's not only emerged as a legitimate star in this league, but now he's taking on the task of being a primetime performer, something that only the great few are capable of.

Stephen Curry, we believe in you brother. Keep giving us these moments of glory so that I can brag about how one of my *high-yella brothers is flourishing yet again.

*Yes, if you noticed I have repeatedly called out Curry's fair-skinned tone. Seeing how I am also a fair-skinned brother, I can admit that I am a bit partial. It's all in fun, I promise. 

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