Steven LeBron Radio (Ep. 63): Discussions About CBA's And Subpar Internet Connections

I can't remember the last time I wrote something here at The Sports Fan Journal. I do know that since the last time I appeared on here, I got married in Hawaii, and finally finished self-publishing my first book (ohh, link to the online store in the first paragraph, my job is done here. The rest is just filler but please continue reading).  But even though we've spent so long apart, TSFJ is always family, and I'm glad to finally catch up with Eddie Maisonet and Justin Tinsley on the podcast these last couple of weeks.

Let's not let another paragraph pass by without another plug, the podcast is called steven lebron radio and you can subscribe to it via iTunes here. My least favorite part about doing a podcast? Having to edit it myself, especially when Ed's Internet connection is shakier than Mark Jackson's long-term future as head coach of the Golden State Warriors. My favorite part about doing a podcast? Having the opportunity to talk sports with people I respect, and to come up with new ideas and thoughts as the conversation occurs.

In this episode, the conversation between Ed, Justin and I eventually moved towards the next collective bargaining agreement for the NBA, and how owners need rules to police themselves even if they can't help themselves from splurging on the next Travis Outlaw. It raised an interesting viewpoint of how the burden of owner's mistakes is usually passed onto the player who signs the contract.

So, players like Kendrick Perkins and Carlos Boozer are weighed down by their contract figure as much as they are by their underwhelming performance on the court; and these players evolve into these financial albatrosses and that's all they become. It's an interesting conversation about archetypes in sports, and how the financial aspect of it is giving way to these new archetypes, which are removing a human element, a more cordial connection between the fan and the player. This is just the start of the conversation, and it's definitely something I want to explore more.

And that's the great thing about having conversations with great people. Put a few people in a room (in this case, a virtual room created via Skype), give them decent Internet connection (or in Ed's case: sub par connection), and you'd be surprised where the chat ends up going.

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Enjoy the podcast.

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